FarmCoast New England

Located within a one hour drive of Boston, Providence, Newport, and the towns of Southeastern Massachusetts, FarmCoast is a picturesque rural area of villages and farms with views of stone walls, salt marshes, church steeples, harbors, and fields that reflect the rural quality of 19th century New England.

New Tiverton Four Corners video from the Patch

Checkout our recent feature on Boston’s Chronicle.


FarmCoast New England

’Tis the season and there is nothing that awakens the Christmas spirit quite like the tradition of choosing your own tree to be cut straight from a local farm. Take a day to wander through the Farmcoast villages, breathe the crisp country air and browse row after row of various firs, pines and spruces until […]
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Posted: November 26, 2017, 5:30 am
Founded in 2003, Singing Out Against Hunger was created to provide nutritious food for our neighbors in need and to raise awareness of their ongoing plight.  In cooperation with local merchants, volunteer musicians, and civic-minded people, Singing Out Against Hunger raises thousands of dollars each year through free musical events, raffles, and donations.  “We believe […]
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Posted: June 7, 2016, 6:26 pm
We’ve all seen a friend or two post beautiful photos clambering up suspension bridges, walking down the boardwalks, or sitting on one of the many perfectly placed benches, but few the name where those photos were taken, the story behind the land, or what to really expect when visiting Cornell Farm.  Cornell Farm is a […]
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Posted: June 7, 2016, 2:30 pm

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This summer the Boston Globe featured two travel articles on Little Compton and Westport. In June, Tom Haines of the Globe Staff wrote a story about visiting Little Compton on a summer day and launching kayaks at the Sakonnet Point Club.

“Go with the Flow: Whether you are paddling or tasting pinot, water and wind play in this harbor, sun and soil make the landscape lush”

In August, Meredth Goldstein of the Golbe Staff spend a day in Westport writing of the charms of places to stay, dining, and visiting the wineries after dark: “There’s a taste for all palates in the Bay State’s Westport”

Last summer the Boston Globe also featured another article about Westport: “Sea of Tranquility: Quiet, welcoming town is rich in coastal beauty and pastoral beauty”

Travel and Leisure Magazine
has also featured two articles this summer: One article about The Stone House Club opening in Little Compton and another article about Gray’s Ice Cream at Tiverton Four Corners being chosen as one of the best ice cream stands in America!

The Stone House Club Makes Waves in Little Compton” by Darrell Hartman

and “Gray’s makes Best Ice Cream Shop list” by Ted Nesi