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Shy Brother’s Farm

“Shy Brothers cheeses take gold” (Sakonnet Times)
Shy Brothers in Westport won two awards in the 2010 American Cheese Society Competition! Both French Hannahbells® and Cloumage™ won in their respective categories. French Hannahbells® won for Soft-Ripened Cheeses, and Cloumage™ won for Cultured Products. The competition, which is called the “Academy Awards” for cheese makers, had over 1,400 entries and 40 different cheese categories. Shy Brothers Farm also won Silver in the World Championship Cheese Contest in Madison, Wisconsin for its Classic French Hannahbells.


Sakonnet Vineyard

Wine of the month – Gewürztraminer- on sale November 20 – 28th “Perfect for Thanksgiving!” “Its delicate aromas are reminiscent of grapefruit and lime, passion fruit, lychee and limes, lavender and roses. The peppery aftertaste typical of this variety is almost absent, allowing delicate orange and rose petal elements to shine.” Sakonnet Vineyard also has this holiday season many unique gifts for sale and is accepting holiday
orders for gift baskets!


Westport Rivers Vineyard

Come and enjoy beer, wine, and fun foods at Westport Rivers’ annual Holiday Open House on Saturday November 27th. The family-friendly event takes place from 11am – 5pm and is outside, rain or shine. There will be free live music, hayrides, free vineyard tours, kettle fires, artisan vendors, and discounted wine tastings.

Local Farms push RI Royal Potatoes

Rhode Island Royal Potatoes are a brand of creamy white potatoes grown by farmers in East Bay Rhode Island and Westport, Mass. Last year a group of local farms formed the RI Royal Potato Growers Association and are using this year’s exceptional fall harvest of the Royal Potatoes to promote the concept of buying local, fresh produce and helping local farmers. Some of the farms in this group are FarmCoast members Young Family Farm in Little Compton and Ferolbink Farms, which runs a Bed & Breakfast, in Tiverton.

RI Royal Potatoes reach the markets of Southern New England just a couple of days after harvest and so are always fresh and delicious. And now to December 31 consumers can enter weekly contests to win $50 worth of free groceries by taking a picture with the RI Royal Potato display in stores and uploading it to RI Royal Potatoes are sold in several markets across Southern New England, including in FarmCoast member Lee’s Market in Westport. They’re sold in 10- and 50- pound white bags with a royal crest logo and purple shield.


The Story of the Westport Macomber:

The Westport macomber was born in 1876 when two farmers Adin and Elihu Macomber planted radishes next to rutabagas (a crossbreed of a cabbage and turnip) as an experiment of cross-pollination. The farmers began to sell their new vegetable to their neighbors and eventually almost every farm in the FarmCoast area was growing the macomber turnip. The macomber is versatile, healthy, and very sweet and delicious.

The growing process begins in April and takes eight months, with the seeds harvested in June and the harvest in October or November. The abundance of this vegetable in the 20th century kept the price low and so it was a staple food for the poor – giving rise to the nickname “Turnip Chewer”. Today local farmers in FarmCoast have made an effort to revive the popularity of the macomber turnip.

There are several recipes that can be made using macombers – starting with simple mashed macomber:


Simple Mashed Macomber

1 Westport Macomber

Peel and cut the macomber into 1” dice. Place into a pot with water up to the level of the vegetable. Toss in 1 teaspoon salt, cover and bring to a boil on high heat. Lower the flame to medium and simmer until tender. At this point the macomber can be mashed with a hand masher or pureed in a food processor or blender with the liquid. If the puree is loose or watery, return to a medium-low heat and slowly cook off some of the liquid, stirring occasionally. Season to taste with salt and a little butter. Any leftovers can be refrigerated and used to thicken a soup or add a special taste to mashed potatoes.

Many other recipes – such as Westport Macomber Cake,Macomber Ginger Pie, Linguine Florentine a la Macomber, and Warm Westport Macomber Salad, and many more can be found in “Out of the Earth: A Heritage FarmCoast Cookbook”by Kerry Downey Romaniello. Visit our FarmCoast Book page to find out where to buy this recipe book:

Lyons Brook Farm in Westport featured by Massachusetts Raw Milk Network
Lyon Brooks Farm in Westport was part of the Massachusetts Raw Milk Network statewide tour of dairy farms in September. The goat farm, run by Sandi Porter, was among the 11 dairies that were open for free tours and activities as part of the Raw Milk Dairy Days event. Lyons Brook has 33 Alpine and Nubian goats, some of which are champions. The Raw Milk Dairy Days event was intended to showcase how real milk is made in Massachusetts and how milk farmers greatly contribute to the state’s economy and environment.  Raw milk has health, environmental, and economic advantages over pasteurized milk. It is also very versatile and can still be used for baking after it sours. Fresh, raw milk can be bought directly from farms in Massachusetts.