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Rambling, and Other FarmCoast Jargon

Recently, the name FarmCoast New England was adopted to denote an incredibly beautiful and unique stretch of land from Tiverton Four Corners to Padanaram Village– the towns of Tiverton, Little Compton, Westport, and Dartmouth. These four towns and the many villages in between share a common rural lifestyle rooted in art, food, farming, and exploration of the natural world. The name FarmCoast gives the business in this area a chance to connect with one another, and invites visitors from New England and beyond to explore the towns together, as one picturesque, farm-loving unit.

While many people are familiar with parts of the FarmCoast, the name as a travel destination is still gaining popularity. The best way to navigate the area is it’s customized map, but here’s a little help with the lingo…

SEASONAL RAMBLE: This is a visit, drive, or gallivant through the four towns of the FarmCoast stopping at designated or self-designed stops. A grown-up road-trip of sorts. The Farmcoast website has suggestions for different rambles…or you can design your own….maybe a farm ramble, arts ramble, ice cream ramble? Whatever suits you, and your traveling companions.

CLAM JAM, SMOKE & PICKLE: Two delicious catering options you don’t want to pass up. Besides offering vacation and local area things-to-do, the FarmCoast offers an array of gorgeous wedding accommodations, including catering, places to stay, photography, flowers, and stunning event locations.

FEROLBINK: A bed and breakfast set amidst farming pastures of Feroblink Farm, a charming, generational family establishment. Many of the businesses on the FarmCoast are family-run, or otherwise preserved to honor the history of the land. Ferolbink is one of many places to stay along the FarmCoast.

WEETAMOO: A perfect place for solitude. Weetamoo Woods boasts over 5 miles of hiking trails perfect for walking the dog, spotting wildlife, and becoming one with this historic nature spot.

MACOMBER: It’s a turnip, a specially-bred turnip right here on the FarmCoast. Macombers were “discovered” in Westport in 1876 when two young farmers crossbred radishes and rutabagas resulting in a delightfully sweet new veggie. Macombers are in season and a wonderful alternative to mashed potatoes.

To learn more about what the area has to offer pick up our map, available at business along the FC, or downloadable here. It might take a a few visits to familiarize with the names of villages, and business, but it will only take a minute to fall in love with the enchanting New England destination known as the FarmCoast.